Posted by: Nicole | February 7, 2010

On the Line

Winter is not my best time of the year, the cold, snow, mud and wind seem to be endless. Wearing too many layers and feeling like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man trudging around in the dark at feeding time makes me long for spring. There are times though that make all the bad weather melt away, this morning was one of those times.
I brought in my favorite filly to the barn, Beauty Marque who will be 3 in April. She is needing a bit more weight as she is very tall and the other 3 mares in the field move her off her grain before she gets to finish it. So in she came to get some extra grub and I cleaned her up a bit while she ate. I’m amazed at how tall she has gotten, she must be close to 16 hands already with more to go I’m sure. Her sire Remarque, is 17 hands barefoot and is all leg. This filly is just like him, sure makes me wish that I had another one just like her but unfortunately that is not to be.
After I finished pulling the knots out of her mane it was time for her to go back out again. As I lead her down the lane between the fields, she caught sight of the geldings as they came to the fence to inspect, behind her the goat came as a dead run to investigate where she was going, he is the Colonel of everything. Beauty stopped with her neck high in the air and then started at a slow trot with her tail over her back snorting and blowing. I let her barnyard  trot up and down the lane a few times on a loose line nice and slow, she was thoroughly enjoying herself and let everyone know it. It just made my day on this cold, overcast icky morning to have my filly trot on the line and show me what she’s got, she will be a hell of a show mare.

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