About GTF

 Good Thunder Farms all started in 1976 in Muncie, Indiana. My mother Alexa King, had Arabians from childhood and my father, Terry Laver, had Morgans. They lived down the road from a Hackney farm, owned by the then President of the American Hackney Horse Society, Joe Stonebraker. My mother would drive by his farm and see high trotting cob tailed horses and ponies in the field and was enthralled with the high stepping horses she saw. Being the bold young woman she was and still is, she stopped to talk to Joe and bend his ear about his horses. Joe had made the decision to disperse his breeding horses but to keep his 2 best mares, Boulders Black Cat and Boulders Bonnie. For whatever reason, he ended up deciding to sell them to my parents and the legacy of Good Thunder Farms was born in that countryside of Muncie Indiana in 1976.

We have a son of Boulder’s Black Cat, GTF Maker’s Mark and a daughter of Boulder’s Bonnie, GTF Radio Romance. Both are by our senior stallion IMP. Suddie Marksman.

Imp. Suddie Marksman was imported in 1979 after being the Junior Champion Stallion in England as a yearling. He was purchased by Weaver Stables and shown to 6 time Royal Winter Fair Champion Stallion titles, a record that still stands today. He was sold to James Cosen in 1985 and we purchased Marksman in 1986 sight unseen.  It turned out to be the best decision my parents could have ever made.


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